The Lecture given by Prof. L.H. Li from the University of Hong Kong was held successfully
time: 2018-04-03

On the evening of March 17, 2018, the academic lecture The Importance of Healthy Community to Urban Development was held at the academic lecture hall, Room 201, Building 7, South China University of Technology. The Construction Management Society organized this lecture. The lecture was given by Prof. L. H. Li, the Associate Dean of Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Fan Wu, the Associate Dean of Department of Construction Management, and Dr. Terry Li attended the lecture. The audience of the lecture were mainly graduate students and undergraduates of the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation. The hall was crowded with audiences and every seat was occupied. Some students even stood aside and listened when they could not find a place to sit.

Figure 1. Dr. Li is giving a comprehensive analysis


Prof. Li is currently the Associate Dean of Faculty of Architecture, the Vice Head of the Department of Real Estate and Construction of the University of Hong Kong. He has Wide range of research interests in social and economic aspects of land use policy and has published more than 50 papers in international journals and seven monographs.

Figure 2. The hall is crowded with audience


Prof. Li pointed out that compared with previous generations, today, which is based on high-speed information interconnection, people spend less and less time on outdoor activities in daily life. People come to realize that well-designed environment will help enhance people’s initiative and the convenience to take part in outdoor activities in daily life, especially the time before and after work.


By analyzing the relationship between the features of communities and BMI, Prof. Li pointed out that vibrant communities can encourage residents to take part in outdoor activities which helps protect residents' physical and mental health. Also, the security of the communities can be guaranteed. Prof. Li believed that creative community designs with rational use of the natural environment help cultivate vibrant communities culture effectively. It’s hard to build sustainable communities if the importance of the development of vibrant communities is ignored. In the end, Prof. Li left the issue How will the healthy communities influence housing prices? for discussion.

Figure 3. Students are expressing their opinions and asking corresponding questions


Audience was very active in the Q&A session and they raised their own views or questions about the construction of healthy communities and its impact on the housing price. And Prof. Li answered the questions patiently. At the end of the lecture, the hostess thanked Prof. Li for the significative lecture and sent him a small gift on behalf of Construction Management Society. The lecture finished in everyone's warm applause.


Figure 4. The hostess is presenting a gift to Dr. Li on behalf of the Construction Management Society


Figure 5. The group photo of Prof. Li and the staffs


Photo/Construction Management Society