Hongkong Academic Exchange Delegation Visiting Our School for Shipbuilding, Marine engineering and Maritime affairs
time: 2018-03-29


A academic exchange delegation visited Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and transportation on February 10, 2018. This delegation includes more than 20people coming from Government departments in Hongkong related to the field of ship and marine engineering, Ship inspection industry,Shipping company,Ship repair enterprise,Vocational education institutions, etc.They are members of the Royal Academy of Shipyards and Hongkong Joint Branch of Marine Engineering and Marine Science and Technology Society, Hongkong Maritime Science and Technology Society andHongkong Institute of Engineers.As deputy director general of the Guangdong Shipbuilding Engineering Society and an alumni of University of Hong Kong, Professor of Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Jiaming Wu hosted the reception. An exchange symposiumwas held in the Jiaotong Buyilding with somefaculties of the school attended.

Prof. Wu introduced the professional education system of naval architecture and ocean engineering in mainland China, which included the composition and evolution process, regional distribution characteristics, national guidancerequirements for the development of this discipline, similarities and differences between the eastern and western countries, etc. He also introduced the status and general situation of education and scientific research in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.Both the visitors and the faculties discussed how to strengthen the cooperation of academic exchange, engineering design and scientific research in the future. The expected results were achieved by this exchange symposium.The visiting group also visited the professional laboratory of chip model towing test pool. During the touring, the visiting guests consulted and discussed some interesting technical details. They were impressed by the good research and teaching facility in the lab.

The delegation members said that they have gained more understanding of the current situation of naval architecture andocean engineering education in mainland China, as well as the discipline in the South China University of Technology. They expected more technical exchanges and cooperation in the future.


1.The academic exchange delegation giving a souvenir to the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

2.Site view of the exchange symposium.

3.Introducing the main procedures and techniques used in the ship model test.

4.Visiting the working situation of the trailer in the pool.

5.Visiting the wave generating basin.