Haiying Hu
time: 2017-05-11


 Haiying Hu



Date of Birth

Jan. 8th 1983



Assistant Professor




Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering


School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, 510640, China

Post Code






Research Fields

Hydrological Modeling, Hydrological Forecasting, Monitoring of Non-point Source Pollutions, and Isotope Hydrology.



Education Background

Ph.D. (2004-2009), Hydrology and Water Resources, Hohai University.

Bachelor degree (2000-2004), Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Hohai University.




Assistant professor (2009-), Department of Hydraulic and Hydropower, South China University of Technology.




Engineering Hydrology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, and Sustainable Water Resources



Research Activities and Projects

Supported by the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (grant number: 51209096), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, South China University of Technology (grant numbers: 2013ZZ019 and 2009ZM0044), Open Foundation of Key Laboratory of Coastal Disaster and Defence, Ministry of Education,Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering (grant number: 2011490411), and the Critical Patented Projects in the Control and Management of the National Polluted Water Bodies.



Research Achievements/Selected Publications

[1]Hu Haiying, Huang Guoru. Monitoring of Non-Point Source Pollutions from an Agriculture Watershed in South China[J]. Water, 2014, 6(12): 3828-3840.

[2]Haiying Hu, Huamao Huang, Jianwen Yang. Multi Time Scale Variation of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in Precipitation under Changing Environment in Hong Kong Area [J]. Engineering Journal of Wuhan University, 2014, 5: 577-584.

[3]Haiying Hu, Huamao Huang. Analysis of Chaotic Characters for the Monthly Runoff Series at Fudedian Station in Liaohe Bain[J]. Energy and Power Engineering, 2013, 5: 46-50.

[4]Haiying Hu, Guoru Huang, Huamao Huang. Variation of Runoff at Tieling Station of Liaohe River Basin and Its Influence Factors[J].Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 2013, 20(2): 98-102.

[5]Haiying Hu, Guoru Huang.Variation Trends of Rainfall and Flood in Dongtiaoxi Basin[J] .Water Power, 2012,38(8): 14-16.

[6]Haiying Hu, Guoru Huang.Analysis of Chaotic Characteristics of Tide Level Series in Pearl River Delta[J].Water Resources and Power. 2011, 29(6): 21-23.

[7]Haiying Hu, Weimin Bao,Guoru Huang. Application of the Vertical-mixed Runoff Model and Real Time Flood Correction Method in a Semi-arid Basin. IAHS-AISH Publication, 2011, 350: 720-725.

[8]Haiying Hu, Weimin Bao, Tao Wang, Simin Qu. Experimental Study on Stable Isotopic Fractionation of Evaporating Water under Varying Temperature. Water Science and Engineering, 2009, 2(2): 11-18.