Testing Center of SCET
time: 2015-09-18

Testing Center of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET) consists of 16 laboratories, including Structural Engineering Laboratory, Fire-resistant Laboratory, Wind-tunnel Laboratory, Earthquake-resistant Laboratory, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Building Material Laboratory, Measurement Laboratory, Road Engineering Laboratory, Bridge Engineering Laboratory, Ship and Ocean Engineering Laboratory, Traffic Engineering Laboratory, Transportation Laboratory, Construction Management Laboratory, Engineering Mechanics Laboratory, Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Laboratory, Computer Room,  Mechanical Testing Center. There are 27 staffs working in Testing Center, in which 9 of them have senior title(33%) and more than 20 of them hold master's degree or associate senior title (74%). The Testing Center has a total area of 12627 square meters and 6573 sets of testing equipment withtotal assets of 12991.91 million CNY. Among them, 153 sets of test equipment have individual value of over 100 thousand CNY with total assets of about 78 million CNY, and 35 sets of test equipment have individual value of over 400 thousand CNYwith total assets of about 53 million CNY.
Aiming at cultivating students' research and innovative ability, the Testing Center keeps maintaining scientific, frontier and advanced experimental teaching contents. In recent years, each laboratory of the Testing Center has been significantly improved by experimental technology innovations, developing comprehensive design experiments and improving experimental teaching methods. The professional technique and teaching quality of the staffs of the Testing Center are getting improved, playing an important role for cultivating knowledge and innovation talents.
Testing Center of SCET has Building Technology Experimental Center belonging to State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science, Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers (Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center and Mechanics Experimental Teaching Center), Key Laboratory of Wind Engineering of Provincial Colleges and Universities. Also, Experimental Center of SCET has 3 school-level training bases for cultivating students' innovative ability: Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction, Bridge and Engineering Mechanics, Ship and Ocean Engineering of Science and Technology. The abundant resources of Testing Center of SCET have provided an important base and support for professional experimental teaching, scientific research and engineering services, and also provided favorable experimental circumstances for cultivating innovative talents.
In the new stage of historical development, Testing Center of SCET is trying to develop towards the top-level laboratories for experimental teaching and scientific research. 
Director of Testing Center: Professor Zhan Wang, Doctoral Supervisor, Associate Dean of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology.
Tel.020-020-87113421,  Email: wangzhan@scut.edu.cn