Department of Engineering Mechanics
time: 2022-01-01

The Department of Engineering Mechanics in South China University of Technology has a long history. It was first developed under the leadership of Professor Zhou Lv, who was an advocate for and a pioneer in the study of the mechanics of composite materials. The department was awarded the granting rights of the Master's and Doctor’s degrees in first-level discipline of mechanics in 2006 and 2018, respectively. In 2012, mechanics was selected as the “Key Discipline” of Guangdong Province. In 2020, the major of Engineering Mechanics in the department was rated as a national first-class undergraduate major.

In order to achieve the objectives of cultivating compound talents with high quality in the new era, the Department of Engineering Mechanics strives to carry out bold exploration and steadfast reform. In 2009, the department began to promote the `Innovation Project for Engineering Mechanics-a continuous academic project covering both undergraduate and graduate studies’.

Innovation Project for Engineering Mechanics provides a continuous training program to those outstanding students who are interested in the subject of mechanics. After a rigorous academic training during the undergraduate studies, these students can directly further their studies with obtaining a master degree or a doctoral degree. By virtue of the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and a good sense of innovation, the students are able to investigate interdisciplinary engineering science problems or to conduct high-level scientific researches.

Two training modes are available for the students involved in the project, i.e., the ‘3+1+2’ mode and the ‘3+1+4’ mode. The former is suitable for most of the students while the latter is specifically designed for the especially excellent students. The first three years of the ‘3+1+2’ mode cover both the basic and the professional courses for undergraduate studies. The students finish their professional courses for graduate studies in the later one year and then conduct the thesis work for a master degree in the final two years. For the ‘3+1+4’ mode, the first four years provide similar courses as the ‘3+1+2’ mode does while the student are required to finish the research work for a doctoral degree in the final four years.

A supervisor is assigned to each student at the end of the first academic year. To encourage to conduct interdisciplinary researches and to facilitate talent exchanges, a certain percentage of students are approved to pursue their master or doctoral degrees in other majors without a need to take part in entrance examinations.

Besides the national scholarship, the students can apply for even plenty of scholarships set up by the alumni of the department such as “1990th Mechanics Alumni Association Assistantship”, “1987th Mechanics Alumni Association Assistantship” and “Mechanics Alumni Scholarship”. More than 60% of the students have an opportunity to win at least one scholarship.

Main Curriculums: Introduction to Mechanics, Theoretical MechanicsMechanics of MaterialsStructural MechanicsTheory of Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics and Engineering Software, Experimental Mechanics, Vibration Theory, Advanced Structural Mechanics, Theory of Plate and Shell, Plastic Mechanics of Structural Engineering, General Intensive Training of The Fundamental Knowledge of Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Computer Technology and Applications, Concrete Structures, Soil Mechanics and Foundation, CAD of Structure, Modern Testing Technologies, Literature Retrieval. 

Suitable careers: design, numerical analysis and management in civil engineering (such as road engineering, bridge engineering, industrial or civil architecture buildings), transportation engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation and space industries, ship and marine engineering, and academic work in universities and institutes. 

Undergraduate major:

Engineering mechanics 

Graduate majors:

Solid Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

Fundamental Mechanics and Interdisciplinary of Mechanics

Head of the Department: Professor Xiaohu YAO

Contact: Dr. Hong ZHANG (Associate Head)

Tel.: 87111030-3304