Department of Construction Management
time: 2022-01-01

The Department of Construction Management was established in April 2013 (the predecessor was the Comprehensive Teaching and Research Section of the Department of Civil Engineering, which can be traced back to the construction teaching and research group established in the Department of Civil Engineering of South China University of Technology in 1953), and has now formed a relatively complete talent training system for undergraduates, masters and doctors. The department possess an undergraduate major in Construction Management; recruits academic master students in the direction of civil engineering construction and management, and majoring in structural engineering; and recruits doctoral students in engineering economic management research; has a professional degree master's program in the field of construction management and a master's program in construction management in the field of architecture and civil engineering. At present, the Department of Construction Management recruits about 40 undergraduates and 90 graduate students every year. In 2021, Construction Management major has been approved as a first-class professional construction site in Guangdong Province, and is applying for a national first-class professional construction site. In 2021, this major will be ranked 14/235 in the ranking of China University of Science and Technology with a rating of A.

There are 15 full-time academic staffs in the department of construction management: 3 professors (1 pre-appointed), 7 associate professors and 5 lecturers, post-doctoral teachers and engineers. Most of the academic staffs hold doctoral degrees, and many academic staffs have national registered supervision engineers, constructors, project cost engineers, investment consulting engineers and other professional qualifications. One professor also obtain the title of China Master of Engineering Supervision.

The Department of Construction Management mainly focus on theoretical and applied technology issues of economic construction and social development of country and southern China. For instance, real estate economics and management, large scale project management, specialty construction, industrialized construction, engineering supervision, green construction, risk management, etc. In recent years, the department has researched and completed a number of scientific research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial foundations and industries, as well as horizontal scientific research projects such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port Engineering Supervision and Consulting, and participated in the supervision and consulting of Guangzhou University Town construction projects, which have contributed to the construction and development of Guangzhou and even South China. The Department of Construction Management attaches great importance to scientific research and teaching experiment work. At present, the department has built a construction management simulation laboratory, opened project management simulation, BIM comprehensive application simulation experiment, construction cost training, construction layout and other comprehensive experiments, set up construction management workshops, realize the combination of teaching and practice. With the provincial Building Life Cycle Management (BIM) Laboratory, the strength of teaching and research will be further enhanced.

In recent years, graduates have gone to a wide range of places. In terms of employment,students may choose government and construction department of public institutions, design institutes, construction companies, investment and banking financial institutions, large real estate companies, construction cost companies, international engineering companies, engineering consulting and evaluation companies, supervision companies, etc. to engage in construction management, design, construction, consulting, real estate development and management and other related work. For further study, graduates of bachelor's and master's degree are guaranteed to study at our school or go to Peking University, Tongji University, Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sichuan University, Nanjing University and other domestic universities, as well as study at Columbia University and Duke University in the United States, University College London, University of Leeds, Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other well-known overseas universities to continue their studies.

Person of contact:  Wang Yousong