Huang Wentong
time: 2017-05-11


Huang Wentong


M.E., Road and Railway Engineering, South China University of Technology, 2008
B.E., Engineering Mechanics, South China University of Technology, 1998
Phone: +86-13609031618
Fax: +86-20-87112264
Address:School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China 510640
Research Areas:
Road engineering materials and structures; Construction monitoring of highway asphalt pavements; Technology of steel deck pavement.
Recent and Current Research Projects and Topics:
1. Applied technology research on asphalt mixtures modified by 5U north american rock asphalt, sponsored by transportation department of guangdong province, 2011-2013.
2. Control and management for construction quality of highway engineering asphalt pavement in Fanhu to Sanshui farm, sponsored by transportation construction and investment limited company of Sanshui district foshan city, 2010-2014.
Awards and Honors:
Selected Publications:
1. Huang W T, Xiao Y, Zheng G L, “Study of Fatigue Performance of Modified Bitumen SMA”, Science technology and engineering, Vol.7, No.14, pp.3610~3614, July 2007.
2. Huang W T, Yu J M, Zhang X N, “Study on Steel Deck Pavement Fatigue Performance”, Highway engineering, Vol.32, No.4, pp.37~39, August 2007.
3. Huang W T, Wang D Y, “Experimental Study the Viscoelastic Character and Fatigue Performance of Epoxy Asphalt Concrete”, Science technology and engineering, Vol.8, No.17, pp.4901~4904, September 2008.
4. Huang W T, Wu Z C, “Consistent Analysis of Bituminous Mixtures Comparision Tests”, Petroleum asphalt, Vol.22, No.5, pp.56~58, October 2008.
5. Huang W T, Xu G Y, “Experimental Investigation on the Pavement Performance of Buton Rock Asphalt Mixtures”, Journal of south china university of technology, Vol.40, No.2, pp.87~91, February 2012.
6. Liu F X, Xu G Y, Huang W T, “Analysis for the Groundwater Seepage and Reinforcement Parameters of Mountain Tunnels”, Journal of south china university of technology, Vol.40, No.2, pp.112~117, February 2012.