Hong Deng
time: 2017-05-11


Hong Deng


M.S., Fluid Dynamics and Ship Propulsion, Wuhan Water Transportation and Engineering, 1990
Phone: +86-20-87111030
Fax: +86-20-87114460
Address: School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China 510640
Research Areas:
Ship model towing tests, that’s including tests as bare resistance, self-propulsion, open water performance of propeller model, etc. Saving energy device research and design, that’s including bulbbow, stern bolb and inlet compensating duct in front of propeller.
Rely on data analysis and prediction more than 50 vessels, also with career experience 20 years worked at famous shipyard in-country, it’s more easy communication and comprehension to me for requirement comes from enterprise. Therefore it’s normal to optimize and assess lines, give advice ship trial at sea extend into shipbuilding for some enterprise.
Recent and Current Research Projects and Topics:
1. To complete various kinds of vessel’s tests and calculation for client, involved efficient horse power and service speed prediction, load matching assessment between main engine and propeller.
2. To design propeller and optimize ship lines, special at fore and stern extreme by saving energy device.
3. To calculate seakeeping performance by CFD.
4. To give advice and solution involved ship resistance, propulsion extend into ship trial at sea.
Awards and Honors:
1. The second prize of science and technology advancement in CSSC (2005), for design and construction “38000 DWT Product Oil Tanker” , No. 2005-K2-003-10-01, China State Shipbuilding Corporation(CSSC);
2. The third prize of science and technology advancement in Guangzhou (2004), for design and construction “38000 DWT Product Oil Tanker”, No. 2004-建-3-04-R01, the People’s Government of Guangzhou;
3. The first prize of science and technology advancement in Guangzhou (1998), for design and construction “Steel Trunk of HuMen Bridge”, No.98-1-1-14, the People’s Government of Guangzhou.
Selected Publications:
1.Hong Deng, Chengbi Zhao, “Rudder cavitation and solution rsearch for large fast passenger ferry”, Journal of Ship Design, 2005 No.1, page 65~69;
2.Hong Deng, “Towing tank tests for 1600m ROPAX vessel”, Science and Technology of Guangzhou Shipyard, April 1999, page 1~4;
3.Hong Deng, Dexun Wang, “Determination of Wake Geometries and Propeller Performance in Unsteady Flows Using as an Iterative Method”, Guangdong Shipbuilding, February 1991, page1~7.