Registration and Paper Final Version


 1. Registration Fee

Advance:   On or before Nov.30,2020

Non-advance:   After Nov.30,2020

Attendee with only 1 accepted paper

RMB   3500 yuan/paper

Attendee with 2 accepted papers or  more

RMB   3200 yuan/paper

Attendee without paper but dining

  RMB   1500 yuan/ person

PS: Attendee with 1 paper or more, please submit the final paper version on or before Nov.30,2020 after paying the registration fee.


2.Payment of Registration Fee

(1) Attendee out of SCUT

1Pay RMBPay with Wechat or Alipay by scanning the SCUT Registration Fee QR Code, and add the paper ID if the paper accepted. The electronic invoice of the conference expenses will be issued immediately by filled the correct information.

2Pay Foreign Currency: Transfer

CustomerSouth China University of Technology

Account No.: 3602002609000733759

Name of the BankIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China Guangzhou Wushan Sub-br.


Address of the Bank: Wushan Guangzhou,P.P.China

Remittance Information: ISAS2020+Name+paperID


PS: Please addISAS2020+name+ paper IDin the remark blank, and send the Payment Record Screenshot and the Reply of Participating to (Email title: ISAS2020+name+paper ID+ Participating Reply).


Attendee not from SCUT and also without paper but dining, can register in advance or on site in these 2 ways.


(2) Attendee of SCUT

Campus transfer within the collection fund, the project leader login the reimbursement system, choose “Project Transfer”, and select the registration fee for the International Symposium on Autonomous Systems (ISAS), fill in the corresponding amount in the transfer, and write the purpose “ISAS2020+ name + paper ID”.

The campus transfer form, the ISAS2020 conference notice downloaded from the conference website homepage, the screenshot of the paper acceptance email and the first page of the acceptance paper are all submitted together to campus finance department.

Send the screenshot of campus transfer information in financial system and Reply of Participating to the email: (email title: ISAS2020 + paper ID + Reply of Participating) . And send the screenshot of success of campus transfer voucher in financial system to the designated mailbox again as soon as possible (email title: ISAS2020 + paper ID + success of campus transfer). Otherwise, the publishing of paper final version will be influenced.


Attendee of SCUT and without paper but dining, needs to register in advance only in this way.

Reply of Participating ISAS2020.docx

Reply of Room Reservation.docx

3. Paper Final Version

Submission system of Paper Final Version has been opened on November 12, 2020 ( click here to submit the paper final version )

Please upload the following files on the submission of paper final version before the deadline:

(1) Paper Final Version

(2) Paper Copyright (Download IEEE Copyright.docx)

(3) Other file (payment record screenshot, or the screenshot of campus transfer information in financial system).