Chairman Zhang Xichun Inspected the Construction Progress of GZIC Phase-Ⅱ

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On the morning of November 12th, Zhang Xichun, Chairman of the University Council, inspected the construction progress of GZIC Phase-Ⅱ on site. Tao Shaojing, Vice-chairman of the University Council attended the inspection.

Zhang Xichun visited the D6 gymnasium, E5 innovation and entrepreneurship center, E3 library, G5 talent apartment and other buildings under construction of GZIC Phase-Ⅱ. During his visit, Zhang listened to the reports by the relevant principals of the construction unit and design unit on the architectural design concept, functional layout, construction progress and existing difficulties of each plot, and also learned about the construction progress of A4 student apartment, electricity substation, affiliated primary school and kindergarten and other projects.

Zhang Xichun pointed out that the talent apartment and student apartment under construction are directly related to the living experience of teachers and students. The library, gymnasium and innovation and entrepreneurship center are landmark buildings of GZIC. In order to build GZIC as a high-quality excellent project, all participating units should not only optimize the functional layout of each building, but also strictly control the project quality for the sake of teachers and students.

With the strong support of the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Provincial Government and Guangzhou Municipal Government and the joint efforts of all participating units, the GZIC Phase-Ⅱ construction has been in progress smoothly since last June, and the right of operation to the first batch of the project will be handed over to GZIC by the end of this year, Zhang Xichun said. He also urged continuous efforts to invest more personnel resources to speed up the construction progress, ensuring that all batches of the project are completed on time and with good quality, by which time the beautiful and well-functioning GZIC would feed back the care and support of all parties and all sectors of society with excellent achievements.

Attendees included relevant directors of the Infrastructure Department of SCUT, the Office of Administration of GZIC, Architectural Design and Research Institute, Yuexiu Group, China Construction Fifth Division and other construction units.

(Photographed/written by the Office of Administration, GZIC, translated/edited by Gao Sheng, proofread by Wu Zhaosheng)

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