A Letter to Overseas Students of SCUT

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Dear Students,


The unexpected epidemic has separated us from a far place. Since you are stranded overseas, you must miss your motherland and your family. And likewise, your motherland, your university and your relatives are also missing you, concerning about every student who studies overseas and loves his home and country.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major public health emergency that has spread at the fastest speed, caused the most extensive infection and is the most difficult to contain in the country since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This is both a crisis and a big test for us. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have given earnest consideration to the epidemic and have drafted and implemented a series of prevention and control measures. People unite as one and cope with the epidemic with one heart. In this people’s war, general war and target war against the epidemic, we have witnessed the strength and responsibility of China, and touched by the deep bond of mutual assistance between countries or between people, thus being more confident and determined to fight and win the battle.

“I miss you deeply, as you are far away in another country.” To date, SCUT still has 400 students stranded in other countries. Though miles may lie between us, our hearts are never far apart. You are the deep-rooted concern for the university, and the university is your powerful and secure backing. Your health is the prime concern of the university. SCUT keeps contact with overseas universities and pays close attention to your health and living conditions. I hope that everyone will take the initiative to report your latest health status and academic situation to SCUT regularly, so that the university can provide timely assistance and support to you. Please firmly believe that no matter what happens, the motherland and the university are with you, and the university will always be your warmest harbor.

Dear students, the epidemic of COVID-19 still continues to spread around the world and it is now the most crucial moment to curb the spread. I hope everyone will maintain a scientific and rational attitude, and act in accordance with the anti-epidemic guidelines and measures deployed by the countries you live. And please protect yourself, stand closely together, support each other and fight side-by-side with the people of the motherland, and with the countries around the world.

May faith be in your hearts and responsibility on your shoulders. When all people are united as one, there is no mountain that cannot be turned over; when all of us join hands and hearts, there is no barrier that cannot be overcome. I hope you will take up the duty and responsibility of the Chinese youth in the new era, and work together to protect our common homeland. A trickle will eventually converge into a mighty force to overcome the epidemic.

May there be light in your eyes and strength in your feet. Since you are in overseas, you can surely feel the concern of the international community. I hope you will distinguish truth from fiction and seize the key points based on your critical thinking when confronted with abundant and complicated information, and also hope you will use your wisdom and rationality to treat and defeat the epidemic, calmly dealing with the complex and ever-changing future with greater courage and determination.

May you have a spring scene in the book and a bright future ahead. Science and technology are the core strength to fight against the epidemic. I hope you carry forward the fine tradition of studying abroad to serve the country, be ambitious, learn for the future, grow up to be worthy of the outstanding talent as soon as possible, let the light of youth shine on the road of striving for the dream.

Dear students, as General Secretary Xi Jinping said, the Chinese nation has experienced many ordeals in its history, but it has never been overwhelmed. Instead, it has become more and more courageous, growing up and rising up from the hardships. With deep concern for each other, with sincere blessings for our motherland, let’s come back to the university safe and sound! Let’s come back to the place where our dreams come true

Hope you and I will have a joyous reunion in SCUT!

Best wishes to you and your family!

Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee

Gao Song, President of SCUT

South China University of Technology


Translated and Edited by Chen Juncheng
Proofread by Wu Zhaosheng
Source from the GZIC, SCUT News Network

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