Lecture by Dr. Xudong Kong from Ecole polytechnique federale DE lausanne, Switzerland
time: 2019-04-28

Venue: Dongtang Hall, Building 13, School of Food Science and Engineering

Time: April 30, Tuesday, 09:30

Lecture: De novo evolution of target specific peptides that survive oral administration

Speaker: Dr. Xudong Kong, Ecole polytechnique federale DE lausanne, Switzerland


Report summary:

    The oral delivery of peptide drugs is currently hampered by their metabolic instability and/or limited intestinal uptake, posing one of the greatest current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Herein, we de novo generated small-sized (< 1500 Da), target-specific peptide ligands (Kis < 10 nM) that resist gastrointestinal (GI) proteases using a method that could be applied to any target. We achieved this by combining large phage libraries of a new format of conformationally constrained peptides with a built-in proteolytic-resistance selection step in the evolution process. A lead peptide with a nanomolar affinity for its target was orally applied to mice and efficiently resisted proteases in all regions of the GI tract; more than 30% of the peptide remained intact, and small quantities reached the blood stream. This is the first strategy for generating target-tailored and GI-stable peptides from scratch, presenting a promising path to developing oral peptide drugs.



    All the teachers and students are welcomed to attend