(Lecture, May 27) Multiphase and Multiphysics for Improved Nuclear Reactor Safety


Title: Multiphase and Multiphysics for Improved Nuclear Reactor Safety

Speaker: Prof. Wenzhong Zhou

Time: Sunday, May 27, 2018, 19:00-20:30

Venue: Meeting room 225, Building 9, Wushan Campus


[Report Summary]

Nuclear reactor safety is no-doubt one of the most important concerns in the existing reactor operation and future nuclear energy development. Considering the reality of harsh environment of irradiation, high temperature and corrosion in reactors, high-fidelity modeling and simulations are necessary and important as a result of the high cost and difficulty in experimental measurements. I will discuss in details about the development of a fuel performance code called City U Advanced Multiphysics Nuclear Fuels Performance with User-defined Simulations (CAMPUS) as well as its applications in the new fuel design with accident tolerant fuels and cladding materials for light water reactors and sodium-cooled fast reactors. Thermal hydraulics research and development also play a significant role in supporting safe operation of nuclear power plants. The research on multiphase flow and heat transfer, nuclear thermal hydraulics, and severe accident management will also be briefly introduced, including steam explosion and in-vessel corium behavior during a severe accident, experimental and analytical studies on vertical tube bundle condensation and pool boiling, flow visualization using a two-phase flow particle image velocimetry (PIV) system, and droplet behavior of different nano-structured and liquid surfaces.  

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