(Lecture, Mar 22) Probing combustion chemistry using laser absorption spectroscopy


Title: Probing combustion chemistry using laser absorption spectroscopy

Speaker: Prof. Ren Wei,The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Time: Thursday, Mar 22, 2018, 15:00~17:00

Venue: Meeting room 625, Hongsheng Technology Building, Wushan Campus

[Report Summary]

Laser absorption spectroscopy provides opportunities of species-specific, non-intrusive and quantitative measurements in a wide variety of applications such as combustion research, environmental monitoring, and industrial process control. In combustion systems and petroleum industries, optical sensors are installed to monitor key species in processes to understand combustion fundamentals or to ensure safety and efficiency.This talk will focus on our recent combustion chemistry studies using laser absorption spectroscopy methods. Particularly, reaction rate constant measurements in shock tubes, temperature and species measurements in laminar and jet flames, and novel laser spectroscopy tools will be introduced in this talk. I will also briefly introduce the trace gas sensors developed in Laser Diagnostics and Combustion Laboratory.

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