The college organized emergency drills for drugs and fire protection
Time:2020-11-27        Views:21

In order to enhance the code of conduct for the use and preservation of laboratory chemicals and emergency fire safety of the graduate students of the School of Environment and Energy, to improve the organization and handling ability of fire-fighting work, and to better implement the safe use and fire prevention of school laboratories System and improve self-rescue ability, on November 24, 2020,the School of Environment and Energy of South China University of Technology, the Equipment Office, Security Office, and Wuxi Safe Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. Jointly carried out fire and chemical emergency drills for more than 200 graduate students of Class 2020.

First, the four teachers of the Teaching Experiment Center gave a serious and detailed introduction of the safe storage of laboratory medicines, the correct use and installation of gas cylinders and pressure reducing valves, and personal protection and safety. After the on-site training in the laboratory, field drills began.

With the order of 'drill start', the emergency rescue drill for hazardous chemical spills officially began. Four students in lab coats were simulating an experiment. Suddenly one of the students accidentally overturned the bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid, and a little concentrated sulfuric acid spilled out. The experimental safety officer quickly checked the student’s injury and determined the situation on the scene, and had another student to transfer the student to the eyewash and spray device for flushing, and reported to the school-level person in charge to notify emergency personnel to come and resolve the crisis. The entire drill process which was guided by the laboratory safety instructor entirely followed the emergency handling procedures such as accident reporting, site blockade, hazard assessment, personal protection of emergency rescuers, emergency treatment, elimination of hazards, site recovery, and accident summary, and carried out in an orderly manner, fully presenting a complete set of emergency response plan for the leakage of hazardous chemicals of 'evacuation-protection-inquiry-on-site first aid-leakage treatment', and strictly following feedback situation of the  three-level emergency response system 'laboratory-college-school'.

After the emergency rescue drill for the leakage of hazardous chemicals, the school organized the students to participate in the fire drill. A fire emergency caused by the spilled alcohol lamp in the laboratory was simulated. When the fire started, the laboratory students immediately took the fire blanket to cover the flame. They found that the fire was still uncontrollable and when the site was full of smoke, the alarm began to sound. The students who participated in the exercise bowed their heads and covered their noses and mouths, evacuating to the college parking lot quicklyaccording to the established escape route. Although that was only a demonstration design of a rescue exercise, the students reacted strictly in accordance with the rescue procedures, and the basic procedures such as smoke exhaust, clean-up and evacuation of the fire site are completed step by step.

After the exercise, Vice Dean Chen Yan summarized the activity. She emphasized that laboratory safety issues were related to every student who conducted experiments. Students should be cautious in their daily experiment, and be calm in the event of unexpected dangerous events. The fire-fighting evacuation drill used actual combat methods to give students a vivid safety education class, which enhanced the teachers and students’ chemical safety awareness and self-rescue ability in the event of chemical leakage, as well as the safety prevention and response ability and escape ability in case of sudden fire, which enabled teachers and students to establish a sense of self-protection based on 'safety'. The activities were of great significance. Yao Zhimin, the Deputy Director of the Equipment Department and the leaders of the Fire Protection Department,came and gave guidance. Secretary Chen Hangyu and Vice President Chen Yan of the School of Environment and Energy also personally directed and participated in the drill.