"The World of 5G" Edited by Professor Xue Quan won the "Excellent Popular Science Books in Guangzhou in 2021"
time: 2021-07-15

A few days ago, “The World of 5G” science series led by Professor Xue Quan from the Academy of Electronics and Information of South China University of Technology as the editor-in-chief was awarded the “Excellent Popular Science Books in Guangzhou in 2021”, which is another honor that the series has won after being awarded the “53 Books of China’s Promotion Plan towards Abroad in 2020” and the “Top Ten Good Books of 2002” by Guangdong Publishing Group. The selection of “Excellent Popular Science Works in Guangzhou in 2021” was organized and completed by the Guangdong Productivity Promotion Center entrusted by Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. After expert review and public voting, a total of 20 excellent popular science books, 30popular science micro-films and micro-videos were selected.

The book series is published by Guangdong Science and Technology Press. It has been well received since the launch of the Southern Kingdom Book Festival in August 2020, and has now been printed for the second time.This series of books has been output in 7 foreign languages, including English, Russian, German, Portuguese, and Arabic. Among them, the English version will be published by Singapore's World Science and Technology Press in the near future.The first batch of the series consists of 5 sub-volumes, including  The World of 5G: Internet to Everything,  The World of 5G: Smart Manufacturing,  The World of 5G: Smart Healthcare,  The World of 5G: Smart Transportation and  The World of 5G: Smart Home. This series is the first set of books in China that systematically introduces 5G technology and industry applications.On one hand, it popularizes 5G knowledge to the public. On the other hand, it sorts out the integrated applications in many industries. This series of books not only pays attention to technicality, it is also quite interesting and readable. In addition to vivid descriptions of the huge changes in the industry brought about by 5G technology, this series of books has conducted in-depth discussions on the negative impact of high-tech development on mankind, Including the new challenges brought by technological development and technological progress to mankind, advocating adherence to human nature, ethics, and law, and contributing rational insights to society.

The World of 5G series