Professor Quan Xue from South China University of Technology was Selected as the Distinguished Microwave Lecturer of 2022-2024 by IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society
time: 2021-06-08

On June 6, 2021, the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society passed the selection of Distinguished microwave speakers for the year 2022-2024. Professor Xue Quan, the dean of the Academy of Electronics and Information and the Academy of Microelectronics, was successfully selected and became the first Chinese scholar to be selected for work in the Mainland. Distinguished speakers are established by the IEEE's Professional Technical Society, recommended by members of the administrative committee and professional branches, and the administrative committee conducts strict selection. The selection criteria are not only based on the outstanding academic attainments of the candidates, but also have high requirements for their speech skills. The IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society selects several outstanding microwave speakers from tens of thousands of members each year. During the three years of his tenure, the outstanding microwave speaker will give 5-7 high-level academic lectures around the world every year to introduce the latest global frontier developments to practitioners and students in the field of microwave technology, and spread and share insights and understandings of scientific and technological progress around the world at the same time. Therefore, the identity of outstanding microwave speaker has a high academic influence on a global scale, and is also a high recognition of academic expert in this field by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society.

Professor Xue’s selection as an outstanding microwave speaker of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society not only demonstrates the full affirmation of his personal academic level and influence by the international academic community, but also reflects the general recognition of academics in this field on the subject level of electronic information and microelectronics technology in South China University of Technology. As a Chinese scholar who grew up in the mainland and worked in universities in Hong Kong for 20 years, Professor Xue always keeps his family and country in mind, and is determined to take talented researchers training and academic innovation as his own responsibility. Not only has he deepened his academic work, he has achieved outstanding research results in the field of microwave technology, he is also willing to be the “ladder” and has cultivated many outstanding talents, who are gradually becoming the elites and mainstays of the industry. Meanwhile, Professor Xue has also done a lot of pioneering work in international academic cooperation and exchanges, and has established good cooperative relations with many high-level universities in Asia, Europe and North America, making positive contributions to international scientific research cooperation and joint talent training.

The selection of Professor Xue Quan this time is believed to be able to better promote the scientific research, talent training and international exchanges of South China University of Technology in these disciplines.