May You Travel Around But Still Young Coming Back-- Telecom's Grade-97 Alumni Graduation Party After 20 Years
time: 2021-06-02

On May 16, 2021, more than 80 telecom alumni of grade-97 came from all over the world to visit their alma mater and their teachers, recall the past, talk about the present, and look into the future, and jointly commemorate the 20th anniversary of the alumni graduation in a series of activities. Tao Shaojing, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, secretary of the party committee, attended the alumni gathering.

At 2:00 pm, everyone came to the school’s West Lake Garden to sign in, take group photos, and gathered in the conference room. At the meeting, Deputy Secretary Tao welcomed the arrival of the alumni and gave a warm speech. She believes that the Academy of Electronics and Information is one of the top academies of the school which has a large pattern, and has produced many “big results”. She hopes that alumni can forge and work hard at their posts, make greater contributions to the country, making the alma mater proud of them, too. She also expressed the gratitude to the alumni for caring about the development if the academy and the school, saying that the school will always be their strong backing, and they are welcome to come back often. Dean Xue Quan systematically introduced the history of the college’s development and the current status of the scientific research, group of talented people, students’ education, etc., and also expects them to work and make progress together with their alma mater.

After that, Secretary Xu Xiangmin thanked the grade-97 alumni for their concern for the academy, their generous donation, and the “Yunfan Scholarship” they established. The “Yunfan Scholarship” is used to help full-time students who are suffering from major illness or unexpected accidents. He said that the academy will definitely strengthen supervision on the use of every penny of the scholarship so that it can actually play an important role. He said that this is only the starting point for the “Yunfan Scholarship”, and other alumni are welcome to inject funds and donations. “Winds will eventually break the waves, and the sails will be hung straight in the center of the sea”. He hoped that the scholarship will sow the seeds of confidence, courage and hope in students. The alumni sighed about the rush of time, the changes in the school, and expressed their pride in the achievement their alma mater has made. Then according to their class, the alumni representatives introduced their classmates and their own development, reviewed the unforgettable university time thanked the alma mater for their training, and expressed their willing to contribute to the development of the alma mater, and wish the alma mater to become better!