Students Achieved Good Results Again on the National College Students' Electronic Competition in 2019
time: 2019-12-27

From No.29-31 Augustin 2019, the TI Cup National College students Electronic Competition was held in Tongji University in Shanghai . The two groups of students under the guidance of teachers in ourschool won the second prize of the National Finals with the wireless transceiver system of simultaneous interpretation of G questions-dual voice, and H question -simulated electromagnetic curved gun won the second prize of the National Finals.


Photo of the winning team

According to the rules of the competition, the competition is divided into two levels: the preliminary competition and the national finals. As the most influential subject competition for electrical major students in China, the winning rate of the high level awards in this competition is relatively low: the winning rate of the first prize in the national finals does not exceed 2.4% of the actual teams, and the winning rate of the national second prize does not exceed 5.6% of the actual teams. The 17 undergraduate teams organized by our college participated in the competition, and a total of 12 teams won the first prize, the second prize and the third prize in Guangdong Province, among which the first prize and the third team were recommended to participate in the national finals. Finally, our school team stand out  in the 350 final team, won the national second prize. The proportion of national awards awarded to teams in this competition is 11.8%, which is far higher than the national average.


A glimpse of the competition

The National Electronic Design Competition for College students is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Informatization. The competition secretariat is located in Xi'an Jiaotong University and hosted by Tongji University in 2019. At present, 14 sessions have been held, each with more than 40,000 students participating in the competition.Our school is also applying for the 2021 national finals of the event.