Prof. Wei Gang, the President of the Schoolfellow Association had a Deep Interview with Entrepreneurs
time: 2019-10-16

         Recently, Professor Wei Gang, president of the Alumni Association of the Telecommunications Institute (Deputy Secretary-General of the Alumni Association of the School and Director of the National Center for Research in Mobile Ultrasonic Engineering and Technology) led an in-depth interview with outstanding alumni entrepreneurs, with the aim of following the spirit of the school, exploring the entrepreneurial experience of alumni and officially publishing it, providing fresh cases for the cultivation of three innovations talents, serving the masses to start a business, and mass innovation strategy.

Vice president of the alumni association of telecom institute zhou jun (deputy secretary of the college party committee) and NIE Wenfei (deputy director of the national mobile ultrasonic detection engineering technology research center), secretary general of the alumni association of telecom institute lu zhifang (director of the college office) and secretary PANG Yong participated in the interview.


LIN Wei ping                         LI Man tie  

       (co-funder of SKYWORTHY group)(CEO of Shenzhen Lehman Photoelectric Co., Ltd.


 LI Lian zhu                  YI Xian zhong  

CEO of Guangzhou Shangpingzhai Co., Ltd. )(founder of Qixi Holdings, Chairman of Saint-German Medical treatment)


ZHOGN Wan wen                    ZHANG Feng  

(vice President of TCL Group)    (founder of Shenzhen Hailian News Co., Ltd.)



      XIAO Liang can              ZHANG Shu sheng   

(Chairman of Shengno Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.)(Nanguang Teaching Award Donor, Founder of Nanguang Nanguang Company).


ZHANG Bo张波                XIE Xiao neng

(chairman of Guangdong Anjupao Co., Ltd.) (Chairman of Jinghua Information Co., Ltd.)