The Institute of Electronics and Information ’s Recent Tasks Were Arranged In General Meeting
time: 2019-06-24

On June 5, 2019, the Institute of Electronics and Information s  general meeting of all faculty hosted by Xiang min, secretary of the Party Committee of the College was opened at Mrs. Yi's Museum of Art.They made arrangements for the college's work in the near future.

At the conference, the dean of the Xue Quan made a report of Information and communication engineering discipline promotion (flush A) plan , pointing that the subject of A is the inevitable choice of history and reality. It is indicated that the resources of the whole hospital will be inclined to the focus of the A program, and he hoped that all teachers and students will serve the A program consciously. 


Secretary Xu Xiangmin conveyed the spirit of Xi Jinping's important speech at the school ideological and political theory teacher forumhe asked all teachers and students to learn it . Xu stressed that: we should adhere to the party's  leadership in education, teachers should always remember their original ideals and aspirations, bear in mind their mission, strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics and teachers' style, and implement the fundamental task of establishing morality and building people.


Yu Xiangyu, director of the department of artificial intelligence, introduced the relevant arrangements. Jin Jianxiu, assistant dean , shared the experience of the examination related work. Xiang Youjun, deputy director of the Department of Communication Engineering, discussed problems with all members and talked about the experiences in the undergraduate graduation project. Shu Lin, deputy director of the artificial intelligence department, introduced the regulations of the second and third classroom, and Jin Guiping, assistant to the dean, made relevant supplementary instructions to the undergraduate teaching arrangement.