Dreams at SCUT, Gratitude Visit—SEIE Alumni Reunion on Homecoming Day for SCUT Alumni in 2016
time: 2016-11-11

The Fourth Homecoming Day for SCUT Alumni was kicked off. Over 400 alumni of Grade 1962, 1964, 1965, 1973 and 1976 from Department of Radio Engineering, Grade 1977 majoring in Vacuum Electronic Devices, Grade 1982 and 1983 majoring in radio engineering, Grade 2011 majoring in electronics science and technology and Grade 2006 majoring in microelectronics returned SCUT for a gathering. They were warmly welcomed by party committee secretary, deputy party committee secretary and secretary of Alumni Branch and volunteers of SEIE. They reunited at SEIE in a warm and touching atmosphere.

The alumni of Grade 1967 from Department of Radio Engineering were very happy when seeing the class flags prepared by SCUT and spoke highly of the work done by SCUT. They took the class flags excitedly and photographed at the gate of SEIE.

One schoolfellow of Grade 1976 majoring in radio ceramics and devices recalled a classmate who passed away three years ago and failed to keep his promise to gather at SCUT and then sighed with tears when seeing his signature. All the alumni were touched by it. No matter where SEIE alumni were, SCUT was always your home.

The alumni read the commemoration books distributed by SEIE. When gathering to recall the past of classmates, many former alumni held the hands of volunteers with excitement to tell their proud stories at that time, such as attending the lectures of Professor Feng Bingquan and outstanding academic achievements. They were concerned about their younger schoolfellows studying at SEIE, asked about which grade the volunteers were in and whether they would have any further study. All of them gathered in a happy atmosphere. In particular, some alumni took the leaflets for online donation activity after learning about “Promoting SEIE’s Development with My Strength” which was launched on the homecoming day for the first time.

This year marked the 30th anniversary for the graduation of Grade 1982 from Department of Radio Engineering. The classmates of the two classes found their teachers back to SEIE for celebration. Secretary Zhao Min and deputy secretary Liu Zhe took a group photo with all of the alumni.

A 78-year-old alumnus of Grade 1958 majoring in telecommunications came to SEIE and told his student life at that time and donated a wax block printed handout of SEIE which had been collected for 50 years.

Love SCUT and hold the youth will. Let’s gather again next year!