The Food Entrepreneurship Road of “Crazy Inventor”
time: 2016-11-23

Zheng  Hanhui, an alumnus of SEIE,  firstly introduced the development status of ROTA and displayed ROTA products.  Stainless steel electric cooker, bean curd and soymilk machine, baby kitchenette  and steamed bun making machine, etc. were all invented by him. He attended a  CCTV program I Love  Invention for three  times, and he was known as “a crazy inventor”. At the exchange meeting, Zheng  Hanhui sighed with emotion when recalling his study at SCUT and talked about his  rich experience in starting a business after graduation. He did the businesses  of control panel, audio device, bean curd and dried bean curd sticks and then  established Yitoa Electronics. Now, he is committed to creating a healthy food  platform. He was not afraid of difficulties and kept on realizing his ultimate  dream, which was rather admiring. Zhao Min, party committee secretary of SEIE,  introduced him the development of SEIE in recent years and presented him  The History  of SEIE and Feng  Bingquan—The Model of Scholars as a gift  and would invite Zheng Hanhui to come back SCUT to communicate with the younger  schoolfellows. Zheng Hanhui expressed his wish to cooperate with SCUT in  scientific research and make his own contributions. Mai Dongning, deputy  secretary of Alumni Association of SCUT presented him Picture  Album for Cultural Landscape and  SCUT  People as a gift.