The Seminar for “Ten Years of Entrepreneurship” of Telecommunications Forum Ended Successfully
time: 2017-04-26

“Ten Years of Entrepreneurship” of Telecommunications Forum was held in Report Hall of Run Run Shaw Humanities Building. It was undertaken by Youth League of Postgraduates and Postgraduate Student Union. Xu Zhiqiang, an outstanding alumnus of SCUT, was an honored guest. Xu (an alumni of Grade 1996 majoring in telecommunications) was the founder and general manager of Guangzhou Hantele Communication Co., Ltd. The guests from SCUT included deputy director of Public Relations Department Mai Dong Ning, deputy party committee secretary Liu Zhe and counselor of SEIE and Public Relations Department. Over 200 attended the forum in the packed report hall.

Mr. Xu Zhiqiang firstly introduced his tough entrepreneurship experience for two times and shared his personal experience with failures. At the interview, Mr. Xu started from the feasibility of entrepreneurship of the 90’s students, got to the point by “how to build a team” and put forward good suggestions on “how to make use of study time at university to fully improve the comprehensive abilities”. He emphasized the importance of “desire, ability and thought” in entrepreneurship. He suggested that we should have a strong desire, improve comprehensive abilities through associations and competitions and cultivate mental and anti-pressure ability. During interaction, students actively raised their questions. Mr. Xu and four vice presidents offered their own suggestions.

Many students said that the lecture of Mr. Xu Zhiqiang was very wonderful and they could benefit a lot from it. They did not only learn about the status and achievement of big data but also discussed the problems and development direction for big data industry. They said that they would take Mr. Xu Zhiqiang as an example and devote to their causes with goals and enthusiasm.