RF and wireless technology laboratory
time: 2015-07-26
This lab is mainly used by the RF and wireless technology laboratory group which directed by Professor Chu, QingXin;
By this laboratories, students can simulate the model with advanced software, process microwave devices and antennas by Engraving Machine, then test them by equipments;
The major equipments are shown as follow:
Electronic Engraving Machine
LPKF S62 (Germany)
Processing circuits
MS2665C (Anritsu, U.S.)
Analyzing Spectrum
Microwave /RF Signal generator
MG3692B (Anritsu, U.S.)
RF Signal Simulation
Network analyzer
R3770 (Advantest ,Japan
Functional Test
Network analyzer
N5230A (Agilent, U.S.)
Functional Test
Universal Test Fixture
3680K (Anritsu)
Functional Test
Simulation Software (HFSS,Ade)
Ansoft HFSS11
EM simulation
Antenna Test System
Lopu Corporation, Nanjing, China
Antenna parameter test
Some photos of the equipments are as follows:
1. Electronic Engraving Machine
2. network analyzer
3. Antenna Test System
4. Microwave /RF Signal generator
5. Spectrum analyzer