Microelectronic Device and Physics (MDP)
time: 2015-07-26

The MDP academic team at the South China University of Technology, exploresmaterial manufacture and characteristics, photoelectric devices and physics and their applications. Especially, the research activities include design, manufacture and characteristics of information functional materials (e.g. amorphous silicon,polycrystalline silicon and zinc oxide), inorganic/organic thin-film transistors (e.g.based-silicon TFTs, polymer TFTs and ZnO TFTs), solar cells (e.g. based-silicon solar cells and CuInSe cells), micro-sensors, and bioelectronics IC.
Group Members:
Research Projects:
lStudy on The Integrated Circuits For The Implantable Wireless Energy and Radio-Frequency-Signal Transportation supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2009.
lStudy on The Circuit-Level NBTI Effect and Hardening Method supported by Pre-Research Fund of Weapons and Equipment, 2009.
lModeling and characterization of polycrystalline-silicon TFT supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008.
lStability of Polymer Thin-Film Transistors supported by the Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, 2008.
lDevelopment of AFP Fast Detectorby Microelectrode Supported by the GuangdongScience and Technology Fund, 2006.
lStudy on Key Technologyof VLSI Failure Analysis supported by the project of Key Lab of National Defense Science and Technology, 2006.
Yao Ruohe and Zheng Xueren,A fabrication method of thin-film solar cell, Patent No: ZL 200310117412.5, 2007.
Yao Ruohe and Zheng Xueren,A laminated solar cell, Patent No: ZL200320119299.X, 2005.
Zheng Xueren and Yao Ruohe, IP core simulation platform Based on PCI bus, Patent No: ZL200420095379.O,2005.
Yao Ruohe,High-resolution quadrupole mass spectrometer, Patent No: ZL02250723.X, 2003.