Communication technique and audio & video processing
time: 2015-07-26

The research team of communication technique and audio & video processing consists of 6 researchers, including two professors, three associate professors and one lecture. The academic leader, Prof. He Qian-Hua is also doctoral tutor and the vice dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering. The current research interests of the team include multimedia retrieval, digital audio forensics, speech recognition & natural language processing, image processing, pattern recognition, applications of embedded system.

The team has assumed more than twenty research projects. More than 40 academic papers and patents are published annually.

Group members:

The director, Prof. He, QianHua

Prof. Hu, YongJian

Associate Prof. Zhang, YuanJian

Associate Prof. Huang, Qian

Associate Prof. Wang, WeiNing

Lecturer Li, Tao