Prof. WEI Gang wins 5th NCTCA
time: 2009-11-04

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced 100 winners of the 5th National College Teaching Celebrities Award (NCTCA), among whom Prof. WEI Gang comes from SCUT and serves as dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering. Prof. Wei is the third teacher from SCUT faculty to claim the title, following Prof. QIN Xiubai and Prof. ZHAN Huaiyu. YANG Zhijian, vice director of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, introduced that the purpose of establishing the award was to encourage college professors to give more lectures in class and to reward teachers who have make great contributions in teaching reforms and faculty construction.

Facts about Prof. WEI Gang:
Professor Wei is currently the dean of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, second-grade professor, and supervisor of Ph. D. students. He is also the leader of the national key discipline "Communication and Information Systems," amember of State Council Discipline Assessment Group, judge of the discipline of electronics and information of National Natural Science Foundation, and vice chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics Committee.