SCUT students win first in the 4th National College Student Smart Car Competition Final
time: 2009-10-26

With the coming of the 25th Teacher's Day, SCUT students expressed their gratitude and greetings to teachers in various ways. Greeting cards and flowers with their best wishes were sent by students.

Not long ago, the Student Union of the university proposed that students express their gratitude to teachers through improvement in studies and sincere greetings. On the Teacher's Day, many students sent text messages to show their greetings to teachers. Many student organizations kept their traditional delivery of their sincere wishes to teachers in teaching buildings and office buildings. Student leaders arrived at the classrooms before the first class started in the morning and presented greeting cards to their teachers, after which they paid visits to the university leaders, academicians, honorable teachers and teachers in various administrative offices. The teachers extended their heartfelt thanks to the students. Some of them shared their experience of studying and teaching, or expressed their expectations, and others took photos with the students.