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1. Big Data and High Performance Computing

Big data and high performance computing focus on academic research and technology development in areas of high performance computing platform architecture, parallel algorithm design and optimization, bio-computing modeling, information retrieval, massive information processing, high-performance computing, and cloud computing application development.

Big Data and High Performance Computing.pdf

2.Multimedia Technology and Graphic Image Processing

Research directions of multimedia technology and graphic image processing include computer image and video processing, visible computing and analysis, multimedia network and cloud applications. 

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3. Machine Learning and Data Mining Team

The major research directions of the machine learning and data mining team (www.hgml.cn ) include new theory and new method for machine learning and data mining for big data, cognitive computing, deep learning, manifold learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, clustering and semi-supervised learning.

Machine Learning and Data Mining Team.pdf

4. Computational Intelligence

The computational intelligence research team is leaded by Professor Jun Zhang who is the Chair Professor of the Changjiang Scholars and the National Outstanding Youth. Centered at the intelligent development needs and industrial development needs of Guangdong Province proposed by the national long-term science and technology development plan, we carry out researches on both fundamental theory and application technology of computational intelligence.

Machine Intelligence Innovation Team led by Professor Jun Zhang.pdf

5.Visual & Audio Perception and Service Computing

Major research interests of the Visual & Audio Perception and Service Computing Team include computer vision, pattern recognition, service computing, and new generation Internet, etc.

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6.Cybersecurity Team

After the development of nearly 20 years, the cybersecurity team gradually forming its own distinctive characteristics and research directions. In recent years, tightly focusing on strategic target of development of the country, Guangdong province, and universities, relying on the Guangdong Province Information Security Technology Engineering Research Center, the short distance wireless communication and network engineering technology research center of the Ministry of Education and other research institutions, we carry out researches on the securities of both Internet of things & cloud computing, applications of anti-quantum cryptography & cryptography, trusted software and testing, etc.

Cybersecurity Team.pdf

7.Advanced Computing System Structure

The South China University of Technology Xinghua talent project Advanced Computing System Structure team has 8 full-time team members, including 2 professors and doctoral tutors, 4 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. In 2008, South China University approved the establishment of the university-level South China University of Technology Computer System Research Institute based on our team. This makes the team entering a new period of development.

Advanced Computing System Structure.pdf

8.Mobile software development environment team

The mobile software development environment team mainly studies the relevant fundamental theories, methodologies, mobile video and other related key technologies.

Mobile software development environment team.pdf

9.Intelligent Technology and Robots 

Major research directions include intelligent technology, human-computer interaction technology, cloud technology, intelligent robots, unmanned intelligent systems and other intelligent application systems.

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