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Facts & Figures  

School of Computer Science and Engineering strives to build a team of talents who are equipped with rich teaching and academic experience. Among 111 staffs work for SCSE, there are 84 teachers, 30 professors, 21 supervisors of doctorate candidates, 41 people with associate professorship and 77 people with doctor’s degree. School of Computer Science and Engineering has  one National Natural Science Fund Outstanding Youth Foundation recipient,  two National Natural Science Foundation of China Excellent Youth Fund recipient,  and four Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar recipients. Moreover, its team of talents is well-structured in both professional titles and ages - 84% of the faculties have senior titles, and 40% of the faculties are below 40 years old. To meet development demands of teaching and research, School of Computer Science and Engineering sets a team for bachelor teaching and 9 research teams. One of staff is awarded “SCUT-famous teacher” title.

At School of Computer Science and Engineering, there are 2041 students, including 120 doctorate candidates, 406 full-time graduates, 185 on-the-job graduates of engineering master degree, 1259 undergraduates and 71 continuing education students. Among its seven full time undergraduate programs, two are provincial brand majors and one is Guangdong special major. School of Computer Science and Engineering boasts six SCUT Excellent Courses, five Provincial Excellent Courses and a National Excellent Course. It has formed a complete personnel-training system from bachelor’s degree to doctor’s degree.