Good News: Prof. Zhihui Zhan of our School Won Wenjun Wu Artificial Intelligence Excellent Young People Award
time: 2017-11-27

The award ceremony of the seventh “Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award” of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence 2017 was held in Suzhou Industrial Park Expo Center in the morning on December 23, 2017. Professor Zhihui Zhan of our school won the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Excellent Youth Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of “Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Computational Efficiency”.

Wenjun Wu Award in Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology is the only award named after Wenjun Wu, who is the master in mathematics, pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence and the Honorary Chairman of China Artificial Intelligence Institute. The award (State Key Awards No. 0218) is officially approved by  National Science and Technology Department, announced by Office of National Science and Technology Awards, supported by social power, held by China Artificial Intelligence Institute. The award is known as the Top prize in Intelligence Science and Technology of China. The award regards “respect knowledge, respect talented and respect creativity” as its principle and “Motivating innovation, achieving the future, driving innovation, and acting as intelligent” as its objective. This is already the seventh review and awarding activities. The award offers reward to the companies or individuals that made a great contribution to the science and technology activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and plays an important role in the development of intelligent science and technology in our country.