Never Forget Where You Start, Bear in Mind the Duty – Party Committee Mobilization Arrangements for Studying and Implementing the Spirit of 19th Communist Party of China National Congress
time: 2017-11-27

After the end of assessment of undergraduate teaching, the Party Committee of the School of Computing Science and Engineering officially launched the tasks of establishing the deep study and implementation of the spirit of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. 66 Party members and students visit the “Yulin” battleship, which is the glorious of South China Sea Fleet at the afternoon on November 23. They review the admission oath of the Party on the deck of the battleship. The School Party committee requires grassroots of party branch to unite and leads the faculty and students of the school to study and implement the spirit of 19th National Congress and General Secretary Xi's important speech deeply.

Through watching introductory TV films and communicating with soldiers in the “Yulin” battleship, teachers and students felt the aspiration of our navy soldiers which aims to defend the blue land, the interests of people and safeguard world peace. They further felt the great achievement obtained by the Chinese people under the leading of the Party.

On deck of “Yulin” battleship, Mr. Weijie Lian, secretary of the Party committee of the school, led a solemn oath in front of the Party flag and relive the affirmation of joining the party. The party committee of the college called all party members that they should never forget where they started, keep their mission firmly, and conscientiously study and comprehend the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and General Secretary Xi’s important speech, aiming at world-class computer science and double first-class university development as a driving force. We should also bring the wisdom and strength of the faculty and staff together. In ordinary positions and learning process, we should hard work, dedicate selflessly, promote the connotation development and characteristic development of the computer college. By bringing the computer college into a new and more brilliant 60 years, more top-notch innovative talents with equal emphasis on research and engineering should be trained and delivered for the country's economic and social development and industry progress.

It is one of a Party-building and faculty member union activity planned by the college. It is a vivid education of patriotism aiming to call all teachers and students to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of 19th Communist Party of China National Congress.