Seminars of Professor Jun Wang from the City University of Hong Kong, Professor C. L. Philip Chen from Macau University and Professor Haibo He from University of Rhode Island
time: 2018-01-17

Light of Turing lecture series was held at 16:30 on January 16 in B3-213 Academic Lecture Hall in our school. Professor Jun Wang, EiC of IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, from City University of Hong Kong, Professor Philip Chen, EiC of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, from Macau University, and Professor Haibo He, EiC of IEEE Transactions On Neural Network and Learning, from University of Rhode Island, gave us three wonderful lectures, which are chaired by our Dean, Professor Jun Zhang.

Professor Wang introduced the dynamic parallel data selection for big data. He transformed the k winner-take-all problem of big data into a quadratic programming optimization problem and used the cycle neural network to solve it, which is a simple and efficient model.

Professor Chen proposed innovative learning called Board Learning. Compared to deep learning, broad networks use a very wide network to achieve good classification results. There are also different variants of this learning model, which can dynamically increase the width. The idea inspires the students.

Professor Ho explained the imbalance problem which is the major difficulty in big data to students and introduced the main solutions to the problem briefly.

The professors gave many vivid examples to explain their researches in detail, and their excellent seminars attracted the attention of all audience.

In the interactive session, teachers and students enthusiastically discussed with three professors. In addition, this lecture provides opportunities of face-to-face discussions with EiC of international journals, which helps teachers and students in our college to improve the chances of publishing papers and academic research ability.