Visiting Shenzhen headquarter of Huawei and TCL company
time: 2017-07-06

260 year-3 undergraduate students of School of Computer Science and Engineering, Mr. Weijie Lian, Secretary of Party Committee of the School, Prof. Xingming Zhang, Vice Dean of the School, and the teachers have visited Shenzhen headquarter of Huawei and TCL company for two days.

In 29th, a staff of Huawei introduced the success of Huawei in Japan, Brazil and other overseas markets in recent years to our students. The advanced technology and devices has also been demonstrated.

Teachers and students visited TCL Huaxing Photoelectric Co., Ltd., TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited, and TCL Overseas Business Department in 30th. HR staff explained the new personnel training and promotion system in TCL. Students understood deeply that TCL has paid a lot of attention on their staff.