Academic Master of Cyberspace Security
time: 2017-06-28


The aim of this program is to cultivate advanced science and technology professionals who support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, support the socialist system and love the motherland's moral, intellectual and physical development. The students should master the integration of mathematics, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering and other related disciplines of cyberspace security basic theory and methods. Moreover, the student should be able to carry out research on network space security and related fields. They should also master a foreign language to write research papers and communicate with others. The graduate student should also be able to do job related to teaching, research and management in universities, scientific research Units, and government departments. 

2.Research Direction

Post-quantum cryptography and cryptography applications 

Network security 

Cloud computing trusted and safe 

Information hiding and content management

3.Study Period

The normal study period of 2+2+2 academic master students and Innovative Program (Bachelor-Master successive program) students is 2 years. The longest study period is 4 years. The system is 3 years and the longest period are 5 years.

4.Minimum requirement: Credit and course

Minimum requirement is 40 credits including at least 25 credit for course learning and 15 credits for compulsory components. Course learning includes 16 credits for compulsory courses. Compulsory components includes 1 credit for thesis Proposal, 2 credit for academic activities (attending academic seminars 10 times and 2 of them are in differentsub-disciplines), 12 credit for thesis.

5.Thesis Submission

Plan for dissertation and the thesis proposal should be ready in 11th to 20th weeks. When the thesis is ready, the defense can be organized according toSouth China University of Technology: thesis defense application of graduate students


Compulsory Course

A Study of the Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

An Introduction to Dialectics of Nature

Comprehensive English

Advanced Database System

Advanced Operating Systems and Distributed Systems

Advanced Information Security

Future Network System and Security

Multimedia Information Security

Optional Course

Digital Image Analysis

Information Content Security

Advanced Computer Network Security

Network Intrusion Detection

Information Security Management

Advanced Public Key Cryptography

Cyberspace Security Advanced Topics