Academic Doctorate of Cyberspace Security
time: 2017-06-28


The aim is to cultivate advanced science and technology professionals who support the leadership of the Communist Party of China(sure or not proper naming of the country?), support the socialist system and love the motherland's moral, intellectual and physical development. The students should master the integration of mathematics, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering and other related disciplines of cyberspace security basic theory and methods. Moreover, the student should be able to carry out research on network space security and related fields. They should also master a foreign language to write research papers and communicate with others. The graduate student should also be able to do job related to teaching, research and management in universities, scientific research Units, and government departments.

2.Research Direction

Post-quantum cryptography and cryptography applications 

Network security 

Safety of Cloud computing 

Information hiding and content management

3.Study Period

The normal period of academic doctoral students, and 2 +3 master-doctoral students is 3 years. The longest study period is 6 years. For 2 +3 master-doctoral students, the normal and the longest study period are 4 and 7 years.(I honestly don't get this paragraph so Ill leave it be)

4.Minimum requirement: Credit and course

Minimum requirement is 29 credits including at least 11 credit for taking courses (7 compulsory and 4 elective courses), 1 credit for thesis Proposal, 2 credit for academic activities (attending academic seminars 15 times and 3 of them are in different sub-disciplines), 15 credit for thesis

5.Thesis Submission

Plan for dissertation and the thesis proposal should be ready in 8th to 15th weeks in the third semester of doctoral study. Before the viva application, the thesis should be prepared according to the South China University of Technology Network Space Security Doctoral degree application regulation(for 2016 and beyond)issued by Graduate School of South China University of Technology in September, 2016.When the thesis is ready, the thesis defense can be organized according to South China University of Science and Technology Academic Regulations Provisional Regulations and South China University of Technology: thesis defense application of graduate students .

Remarks: Newsid = 773 South China University of Technology Network Space Security Doctoral degree application regulation(for 2016 and beyond)

6.Training Model

Supervisors are needed for the doctoral program. The study plan for doctoral students should be ready in the first two weeks after enrollment. Before the end of the third semester, the student should complete the social practice and will also be evaluated in midterm assessment according to South China University of Technology doctoral degree midterm assessment approach. Students should attend academic activities 15 times (three of them should be of different sub-disciplines), and fill in South China University of Technology academic activity attendant sheet. When the student attends an overseas international academic conference and presents their published paper, in English, with him/her as the first author and SCUT as the first affiliation, they will be considered as having attended 5 academic activitiesAttending at least one overseas academic exchange activity (including national study abroad projects, Guangzhou Elite study abroad Program, inter-school international cooperation projects, graduate students to Hong Kong and Macao well-known university academic exchange activities, Taiwan University Exchange projects, overseas high level international academic conference, the agreement to send academic exchange projects, etc.) is compulsory in doctoral program.


Compulsory Course

The Chinese Marxism and the Contemporary

International Conference Exchange and Academic Writing

Advanced Cryptography

Optional Course

Advanced Network Security

Information Content Security

Cloud Computing Security

Cyberspace Security Advanced Topics