[Haiqing Forum] The latest research results presented by two scholars
time: 2017-06-01

Sub-forum of International Outstanding Young Scholar Forum has been held in B3-213 of School of Computer Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology on 27th May, 2017. Dr. Hsiao-chiu Song from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Xitong Li from the Paris Business School, Paris, shared their latest research results to teachers and students. The teachers and student representatives of the school attended the seminar.

Dr. Song gave a seminar on Recent Development of HeterogeneousInformation Networks: From Meta-paths to Meta-graphs. It focuses on how to use meta-information networks in heterogeneous information networks to better express similarity of heterogeneous information between the semantic features in the field of data mining. He also introduced the random walk algorithm based on meta-structure, which is applied to the semi-supervised classification of text based on knowledge map analysis, and the matrix decomposition method based on meta-structure is applied to the recommendation system.

Prof. Li's seminar titled The Impact of the XBRL Mandate on ReportingComplexity introduces the unanticipated role of the US Securities and Exchange Commission's data standardization regulations. The Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is an open standards based on XML designed to facilitate the company's financial information exchange. In 2009, the US Securities and Exchange Commission requires the largest class of companies in the publication of HTML-based annual report, but also submitted XBRL-based annual report; and has the same requirement on a second class of companies using XBRL in 2010. This study found that the adoption of XBRL led to an increase in the complexity of the company's HTML-based annual reports (or declining readability).

After the meeting, teachers and students have discussion with the speakers. (Graphic / School of Computer Science and Engineering)