Party Building Enhancement: Lesson on learning how to be qualified party members
time: 2017-05-22

Recently, Party Committee of School of Computer Science and Engineering has organized education activities of party members in Mega Education Center, and invited Professor Shuxin Liu of the Marxist Institute to give a seminar on how to do qualified party members. More than hundred students have attended this lesson on “Two Studies, One Action” (两学一做).

Starting from the origin of the words party, secretary, Chinese tunic suit, etc, Prof Liu reinforced understanding of the audience on Communist Party of China. The audience is also inspired by thinking step by step on the questions on what what and how. Prof Liu not only introduces the current situation of people, Party, national conditions, and the world, but also the current challenges and challenges facing the party. It reminds that the party members should have feelings to the party and the duties, and also to be thankful to the party. By discussing “life” and “living”, Prof Liu asked the party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in three aspects: vision, discipline, and humbleness.

After the end of the lesson, the college party committee has assigned a related task to the branches, and required the party branch of the party members to carry out a seminar in order to further deepen the understanding on how to be a qualified party member.