Seminar of Professor Xiaoou Li from Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico
time: 2017-05-09

Title: SVM in Big Data Research and Classification

Presenter: Professor Xiaoou Li, Research and Higher Education Center, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexcio

Date and Time: 9:30AM, 12-May-2017 (Friday)

Venue: B3-213, School of Computer Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Higher Education Mega Center

Teachers and students are welcomed to participate!

Xiaoou Li, IEEE Senior Member, Member of the Mexican National Academy of Sciences, Member of the Mexican National Fellowship System (Level 2). He is a member of IEEE-Wiley Publisher Editing Committee. He graduated from Applied Mathematics department of Northeastern University in 1991. He received a Ph.D. in Automatic Control Theory from Northeastern University in 1995. He was a lecturer at Northeastern University from 1995 to 1997 and a postdoctoral researcher in National Autonomy in Mexico from 1998 to 2000. Since 2000, he is a Professor of Computer Science at the Center for Research and Higher Education at the National Institute of Technology in Mexico. He was a visiting scholar at Queen's University Belfast (2006-2007) and the University of California Santa Cruz (2010) for a year. His research interests Include Petri net application, machine learning, large data, discrete event system, active database system, man-machine interface, social network analysis, etc.. He has published more than 100 international journals and conference articles. He served as the project leader of three Mexican National Science and Technology Commission Fundamental Funds for four years, and an international collaborative project.