Liang, ZhenXing
time: 2017-04-28


Name:Zhen-xing Liang

Tel & Fax:+86-20-87113584

Address:School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,South China University of Technology,381 Wushan Rd, Guangzhou 510641, China

Educational background:


PhD in NanoProgram, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dissertation:Preparation of High-Durability Membrane and Electrode Assemblies for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Supervisor: Professor Tian-Shou ZHAO


MPhil in Physical Chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,China

Dissertation: Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: Infrared Study of Nafion® Membrane and Studies on Methanol-Crossover-Depressed Membrane

Supervisor: Professor Qin XIN, Professor Gong-Quan SUN


BSc in Chemistry, Shandong University, Ji’nan, China

Awards and honors

[1] 2012, Pearl River S&T Nova, Guangzhou Government.

[2] 2011, Top Cited Article Award (2008-2009), Electrochimica Acta

[3] 2011, Ji’nan High-Level Overseas Talents, Ji’nan Government.

[4] 2011, Second Class Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education of China.

[5] 2010, Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award of Dayang Electrical Engineer, SCUT.

Research area

[1] Electrocatalysis by SECM and other electrochemical methods

[2] Nanostructured carbon materials

[3] Polymer electrolyte membranefuel cells

[4] Li-ion battery & redox flow battery

Recent publications

[1] Z.X. Liang, T.S. Zhao (Editors), 2012, Catalysts for Alcohol-Fuelled Direct Oxidation Fuel Cells, Royal Society of Chemistry, ISBN 978-1-84973-405-9.

[2] Z.X. Liang, H.S. Ahn, A.J. Bard,A Study of the Mechanism of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Nickel by Surface Interrogation Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Journal of the American Chemical Society, in press, 2017.

[3] G.F. Long, K. Wan, M.Y. Liu, Z.X. Liang*, J.H. Piao,P. Tsiakaras,Active sites and Mechanism on Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, Journal of Catalysis, 348, 151-159, 2017.

[4] K. Wan, A.D. Tan, Z.P. Yu, Z.X. Liang*, J.H. Piao,P. Tsiakaras,2D Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchically Porous Carbon: Key Role of Low Dimensional Structure in Favoring Electrocatalysis and Mass Transfer for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 209: 447-454, 2017.

[5] G.F. Long, X.H. Li, K. Wan, Z.X. Liang*, J.H. Piao,P. Tsiakaras,Pt/CN-doped Electrocatalysts: Superior Electrocatalytic Activity for Methanol Oxidation Reaction and Mechanistic Insight into Interfacial Enhancement, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 203: 541-548, 2017.

[6] Z.P. Yu, J.H. Piao, Z.X. Liang*,Synthesis of 2D Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous Carbon Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Feature Article in Materials, 10: 197, 2017.

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[8] K. Wan, M.Y. Liu, Z.P. Yu, Z.X. Liang*, Q.B. Liu, J.H. Piao, Y.Y. Zheng, Synthesis of nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous carbon electrocatalyst: Nanoconfinement effect in SBA-15 template, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41(40):18027-18032, 2016.

[9] K. Wan, Z.P. Yu, Q.B. Liu, J.H. Piao, Y.Y. Zheng, Z.X. Liang*, An Ultrathin 2D Semi-Ordered Mesoporous Silica Film: Co-Operative Assembly and Application, RSC Advances, 6(79), 75058-75062, 2016.

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[11] K. Wan, G.F. Long, M.Y. Liu, Z.X. Liang*, P. Tsiakaras, Nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous carbon: Synthesis and active sites for electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 165: 566-571, 2015.

[12] K. Wan, Z.P. Yu, Z.X. Liang*,Polyaniline-derived ordered mesoporous carbon as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction, invited paper in Electrocatalysis in Fuel Cells in Catalysts, 5(3): 1034-1045, 2015.

[13] M.C. Wu, M.Y. Liu, G.F. Long, K. Wan, Z.X. Liang*, T.S. Zhao, A novel high-energy-density positive electrolyte with multiple redox couples for redox flow batteries, Applied Energy, 136 (31): 576-581, 2014.