Xiao, Jing
time: 2017-04-21


Name:Jing Xiao

Tel: 0086-20-87113513

Email: cejingxiao@scut.edu.cn

Address:#410, Building 16, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,

    South China University of Technology,

    Guangzhou, Guangdong China 510640

Educational background:

     Ph.D. Energy and Mineral Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2012

     M.S.  Department of Engineering Technology, Pittsburgh State University, 2006

    Department of Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology

     B.S.  School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology, 2003

Research Areas:

      Adsorption for clean energy and environmental pollution control,i.e. fuel desulfurization and CO2 capture, new adsorbent materials, and environmental catalysis

Awards and Honors:

     2016, Awarded Guangdong Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

     2015, Awarded Guangdong Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals

     2016, Awarded Pearl River and S&T Nova Program of Guangzhou

     2016, Awarded 1st prize of Guangdong Science Technology Achievement, 4th holde

     2015, Awarded 1st prize of Excellence in Guiding Undergraduate Innovation, South China University of 


     2014, Eni Award nomination

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Ren, X.; Miao, G.; Xiao, Z.; Ye, F.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.H.; Xiao, J.* Catalytic Adsorptive Desulfurization Using TiO2/SBA-15 under Mild Conditions. Fuel, 2016, 174,118-125.

  2. Xiao, J.*; Wu, L.; Wu, Y.; Liu, B.; Dai, L.; Li, Z.*; Xia, Q.; Xi, H. Effect of gasoline composition on oxidative desulfurization using a phosphotungstic acid/activated carbon catalyst with hydrogen peroxide.Appl. Energy, 2014, 113, 78-85.

  3. Miao, G.; Huang, D.; Ren, X.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Xiao, J.* Visible-light induced photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization using BiVO4/C3N4@SiO2 with air/cumenehydroperoxide under ambient conditions. Appl. Catal. B Environ, 2016, 192, 72-79.

  4. Miao, G.; Ye, F.; Wu, L.; Ren, X.; Xiao, J.*; Li, Z.*; Wang, HH. Selective adsorption of thiophenic compounds from fuel over TiO2/SiO2 under UV-irradiation. J. Hazard. Mater., 2015, 300,426-432.

  5. Xiao, J.; Sitamraju, S.; Chen, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Fujii, M.; Janik, M.J.; Song, C.S.* Air-promoted Adsorptive Desulfurizationof Diesel Fuel over Ti-Ce Mixed Metal Oxides. AIChE J., 2015, 61(2), 631-639.

  6. Xiao, J.; Wang, X.; Fujii, M.; Yang, Q.; Chen, Y.; Song, C.S.* A Novel Approach for Ultra-Deep Adsorptive Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel over TiO2-CeO2/MCM-48 under Ambient Conditions. AIChE J., 2013,59(5), 1441-1445.

  7. Wu L.; Xiao, J.*; Wu, Y.; Xian, S.; Miao, G.; Wang, H.H.; Li, Z.* A Combined Experimental/Computational Study on the Adsorption of Organosulfur Compounds over Metal Organic Frameworks from Fuels. Langmuir, 2014, 30(4), 1080-1088.

  8. Wang, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhou, X.; Xiao, J.*; Xia, Q.; Wang, H.H.; Li, Z.* Novel C-PDA Adsorbents with High Uptake and Preferential adsorption of Ethane over Ethylene. Chem. Eng. Sci., 2016, 155, 338-347.

  9. Zhou, Z.; Mei, L.; Ma, C.; Xu, F.; Xiao, J.*; Xia, Q.; Li, Z.* A novel bimetallic MIL-101(Cr, Mg) with high CO2 adsorption capacity and CO2/N2 selectivity. Chem. Eng. Sci., 2016, 174,118-125.

  10. Xian, S.; Wu, Y.; Wu, J.; Wang, X.; Xiao, J.* Enhanced Dynamic CO2 Adsorption Capacity and CO2/CH4 Selectivity on Polyethyleneimine Impregnated UiO-66. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2015, 54, 11151-11158.

  11. Xiao, J.*; Sitamraju, S.; Janik, M. CO2 Adsorption Thermodynamics over N-substituted/grafted Graphanes: a DFT Study. Langmuir, 2014, 30(7), 1837-1844.

  12. Yan, J.; Yu, Y.; Zhou, X.; Xiao, J.*; Li, Y.W.; Li, Z.* Improved ethanol adsorption capacity and COP for adsorption chillers of Cu-BTC@GO composite prepared by rapid room temperature synthesis. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2016, 55, 11767-11774.

  13. Li, X.; Pi, Y.; Wu, L.; Xia, Q.; Wu, J.; Li, Z.; Xiao, J.* Facilitation of the visible light-induced Fenton-like excitation of H2O2 via heterojunction of g-C3N4/NH2-Iron terephthalate metal-organic framework for MB degradation. Appl. Catal. B Environ, 2017, 202, 653-663.

  14. Li, X.1; Pi, Y.1; Xia, Q.; Li, Z.; Xiao, J.* TiO2 encapsulated in Salicylaldehyde-NH2-MIL-101(Cr) for enhanced visible light-driven photodegradation of MB. Appl. Catal. B Environ, 2016, 191, 192-201.

  15. Pi, Y.1; Li, X.1; Xia, Q.; Wu, J.; Li, Z.; Li, Y.; Xiao, J.* Formation of willow leaf-like structures composed of NH2-MIL68(In) on multifunctional MWCNTs backbone for enhanced photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI). Nano Res, 2017.