Notice on the Academic Report of Professor Feng Chuanliang, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Report title: Biomimetic chiral supramolecular hydrogels

Reporter: Professor Feng Chuanliang (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Moderator: Professor Cao Xiaodong

Reporting time: 10:00 on Sunday, 23 December 2018

Report venue: Conference Room B12-318, University Town Campus

Welcome teachers and students to participate!


College of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

December 21, 2018


Content abstract: Hydrogel is one of the best biomimetic extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM is a network structure supporting and connecting tissues. It mainly regulates the occurrence of tissues and the physiological activities of cells. The chiral characteristics of ECM play a decisive role. However, the research on chiral regulation of tissue cells by ECM is still in the exploratory stage, and the nature and mechanism of its influence on cell adhesion and growth are still in the exploratory stage. Old is a key scientific problem that needs to be solved urgently. To carry out relevant research can not only understand the origin of stereoselectivity in the life system, but also have application value in biomedical health and other fields. The key to solve this problem is how to design molecular structure to construct chiral biomimetic hydrogels and study their interaction with cells and biomolecules. In order to solve the above scientific problems, our research group has introduced the idea of functionalization into the design of Supramolecular Gel molecular structure in the past few years. We synthesized a series of chiral supramolecular gel factors based on C2 symmetry, which had the characteristics of module design, and constructed a series of chiral controllable, functional adjustable, intelligent response biomimetic nanofibers self-assembly. The highest content of water was up to 99. 94%, with 10-80 micron porous structure, nanofibers in diameter between 10-300 nanometers, meet the needs of cell growth space. Focusing on the basic and applied research of chiral hydrogel materials, the design idea of chiral center gel is proposed, and the principles and methods of long-range chiral hydrogel are discovered. The chiral regulatory properties of hydrogels are given, revealing the selective rule of interaction between cells and chiral nanostructures, and developing the importance of chiral structure in tissue engineering. Based on the theory, the characteristics of multiple functions of chiral hydrogels were explored, and the application and development of extracellular culture matrix based on chiral hydrogels were guided, which provided new ideas and methods for tissue engineering research based on chiral biomimetic microenvironment.

Brief introduction of the speaker: Feng Chuanliang, Professor and Vice Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 1996, Henan Normal University received its undergraduate degree. In 1998-2001, Henan Normal University and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly trained for a master's degree. In 2005, Twente University of the Netherlands received its doctorate degree. In 2009, it was employed as a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University. They have been selected as Excellent Talents Plan for the New Century by the Ministry of Education, Special Professors of Universities (Oriental Scholars) in Shanghai andPujiang Talentsin Shanghai. It undertakes more than 20 key projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Shanghai Education Commission. The research direction is hydrogel biomaterials, which mainly solve the fundamental problem of chirality of biomimetic extracellular microenvironment. More than 110 papers have been published in J. Am. Chem. Soc., Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Funct. Mater., ACS Nano, Small and other international mainstream academic journals. He cited more than 2000 times and served as Editorial Board of Advanced Composite and Hybrid Materials.