Professor Lin Zhanglin gave a remarkable speech at the 43rd Doctor Sharon of South China University of Technology
time: 2017-12-18

On the afternoon of December 4th, 2017, Professor Lin Zhanglin, dean of the Shool of Biology and Biological Engineering, gave a remarkable speech at the 43rd Doctor Sharon in the University City Campus B6-207.


The theme of the 43rd Doctor Sharon is “ synthetic biology: the status and the future ”. Based on his own learning experience, Lin Zhanglin described his relationship with the biology and introduced the specific contents of synthetic biology and major advances in synthetic biology in China, including microbial manufacturing, oncology treatment and plant transformation. Dean Lin educated classmates to keep a harmony family and value filial piety. While devoting ourselves to scientific research, we should make friends extensively, communicate more with colleagues and keep academic sensitivity, because it is more conducive to break through the bottleneck in the experiment.


The content of Doctor Sharon is very rich, inspiring and innovative. Not only it enhances the academic atmosphere, but also it enriches the students' understanding of the basic content of synthetic biology and their future development prospects.