The party convention of School of Biology and Biological Engineering was successfully held and elected a new leadership of the Party Committees and Commission for Discipline Inspection
time: 2017-11-17

On the afternoon of November 10, 2017, the party convention of School of Biology and Biological Engineering was held at the University City Campus A4-104.


The meeting informed the preparatory work and collection and use of party dues. On behalf of the previous committee, Wu Chunnian, the college's secretary of the party committee, delivered a work report titled “ Remembering the beginnings, Keeping the mission in Mind, Seeking effective results and Promoting development ”. He comprehensively and objectively summarized the work of the college party committees in the past four years, systematically discribed the difficulties and problems in the development of the college and clarified the next four years' main tasks of the college party committee.


The convention elected the new party committee members (7 members) and the discipline inspection commission members (5 members) by secret ballot and multi-candidate elections.


The division of the new party committee members are as follows:

Secretary of the Party Committee: Wu Chunnian

Deputy Secretary: Yi Zhen

Commissary in charge of organization: Lin Ying

Commissary in charge of publicity and Women Commissar:Wang Jufang

United Front Commissar: Wu Jianhua

Discipline Inspector: Wu Zhenqiang

Youth Commissar: Gao Huijun