Researcher of CAS had a research on industrial biotechnology and human sustainable development
time: 2017-05-25

The lecture entitled “Industrial Biotechnology and Human Sustainable Development” was presented by Prof. Sun Yibin, Deputy Director of Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(TIB,CAS) on the morning of May 14.  

The report of Prof. Sun focused on fossil resources, environmental issues and sustainable development. How to meet the need of social health, food, resources, energy and environment through pharmaceutical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology? The raised questions made the majority of teachers and students have a strong interest in the study on biotechnology promoting the development.

Prof. Sun took the results of the transfer and industry of TIB into a case, showing that the industrial biotechnology is brewing a new industrial revolution. TIB has nurtured a billionaire, several millionaires and every 3 days an invention patent, every two weeks a business since its establishment.

During the Q&A, one after another thought-provoking questions were springing up such as the raw material costs of industrial biotechnology, the safety of transgenic food and how to stick to the research on industrial microbes during his schooling. Prof. Sun answered the questions patiently and teachers gave brilliant comments as well. This wonderful lecture made the students impressed.