Sub Forum of “forum of outstanding young scholars of domestic and abroad ” (the seventh) was held in SCUT
time: 2017-06-27

Sub forum of “forum of outstanding young scholars of domestic and abroad ” (the seventh) was held at the School of Biology and Biological Engineering of SCUT on June 5. Dr. Li Gang from College of Veterinary Science of Texas A & M university and Dr Zhang Xinshuai from University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign give reports.

Dr. Li gave a report entitled “Using genome-wide analysis to reveal the complexity of genetics and evolution in feline” which focused on how to conduct research on the genetic evolution of cats through genomics and bioinformatics methods.   

Dr. Zhang’s report, named “study on the microbial new enzyme resources and its primary metabolic pathways”, mainly introduced the use of “genomics” method, combining with his long-term research engaged in chemical chiral organic catalytic domino reaction, microbial enzyme resources and metabolic pathways. The genomic method means transporter ligands screened by a large-scale experiment is combined with two latest bioinformatics statistical analysis tool - homologous protein sequence similarity network and homologous protein gene cluster analysis system, predict the function of the unknown enzymes inside and outside in large scale and to analyze its metabolic pathways.

The frontier research and the new ideas led teachers and students into the positive questions and communications. After the meeting, two reporters were arranged to visit the laboratory, and had a further communication on the school's specific talent introduction policy with the college leaders.