Everest, Panda and Bacterial Colony – The first Lecture on “Career Development for students of Biology and Biological Engineering”
time: 2017-04-25

Wang Linpeng, Director of Cooperation, Exchange and Admissions of BGI College in Shenzhen, was invited as the guest speaker to present a special report entitled “Everest, Panda and Bacterial Colony” for the undergraduate and graduate students on April 12.

In the lecture, Mr. Wang took Everest, panda and bacterial colony as examples to tell the story of gene. The three examples, which seem to have no connection, not only prove that the science and analytic data can reveal the facts, but also are able to explain the problem. It made the majority of students feel the charm of large genome data. Director Wang had a deep discussion about the transgenic and cloning technology on human impact and its future development with the students. Besides, he inspired the students to think and the students showed great enthusiasm and strong interest.

This wonderful lecture, as a start for the series of lectures on “Career Development”, help the students understand the development and influence of biological frontier technology,

Recently, the School has focused on the development of students' career, and has launched a number of important initiatives in teaching and student work. Launching a series of lectures on “Career Development” is a new initiative. The lectures are designed for undergraduates majoring in bioscience and bioengineering, inviting industry elites, industry experts, and job managers in different segments to introduce the field of dynamic and career development opportunities to the students.