Students from our school won the Gold Award again in iGEM 2016
time: 2017-01-03

  2016 SCUT-iGEM team photo

The twelfth International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) was launched on 29Oct 2016 in Boston Massachussets,USA.

275 teams from American, England, Germany, France, Korean, China, and other countries, or regions attended the competition. During the competition, SCUT-China A and SCUT-China B, which from South China University of Technology(SCUT), won Gold and Bronze awards respectively. It was the second time that students from SCUT won the Gold Award.

The presentation topic of team SCUT-China A was Sulfur Killer, which corresponded to the iGEM topic this year, was studying the environmental issue connected with the relationship between sulfur release and atmospheric contamination. They designed and synthesized the desulfurization genetic pathways originating from wild type rhodococcus artificially, successfully removing the sulfide in petroleum by transforming the organic sulfur into inorganic sulfur. The sulfur removal method contributes a lot in cleaner production.

The success in iGEM 2016 is alsodue to the support by several institutes in SCUT, including the Office of Educational Administration, the International Office and Postgraduate Educational School.