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Graduate Professional Degrees  

Major name: Control Engineering
Major code: 430111
Type of degree: Master (professional degree)
Minimum credits: 32
Minimum credits from courses: 29
Off-campus practice credits: 3

1. Training objectives
This major is intended to cultivate high-level talents who have broad knowledge in control engineering, good theoretical basis and strong practical experiences, who are familiar with the development trends on the science and technology research work they undertake.

2. Length of schooling
The length of schooling is two and a half years (including the dissertation defense time).

3. This major covers the following research areas
1) Industrial automation and process control technology
2) Equipment and manufacturing system of control and technology
3) Building intelligent and system integration technology
4) Network and fieldbus integration technology
5) Intelligent control theory and application
6) Industrial engineering and information
7) Intelligent detection and intelligent control
8) The embedded system technology
9) Instrument and automatic device
10) The image processing and pattern recognition

4. Education methods
The cultivation of the postgraduates adopts a 3-phase education system, i.e., course study, off-campus practice and dissertation.

5. Dissertation
The topic of dissertation should come from practical research project or engineering problem. The review of the dissertation focuses on the student’s ability to apply scientific theories to solve practical problems.

6. Curriculum and credits
The candidates should complete all of the compulsory courses and some optional courses in the education plan, and must gain at least 32 credits required by the school, where course learning should be not less than 29 credits and off-campus practice offers 3 credits.

CategoryCourse CodeCourse NameClass HoursCredits SemesterLecturer

Compulsory Course

S0001024Theory and Practice research of Chinese characteristic socialism36 2 1Huang Liwen
S0001002The outline for Dialectics of Nature1811Tan Binzhao
S0002011 First Foreign Language (Basic English)10831Zuo Mingfang
Z0111027 Matrix Analysis4831Yue Xishun
Z0111024 The embedded system principle and application3221Kang Wenxiong
Z0111015 Linear system theory4831Deng Feiqi
Z0111030 Power electronic technology(II)4831Tian Senping

Optional Course

S0811003 Common technology in automatic detection and instrumentation3222Wang Jian
S0811006 Computer Network3222Yuan Peng
S0811007 Basis of artificial neural network and application3221Wei Wu
S0811011 Intelligent Control3222Zhao Junhong
S0811014 Robotics Engineering and Technology Application3222Tian Lianfang
S0811019 Pattern Recognition Principles(2)3222Liu Shaojun
S0811031 Analysis and Design of Object-Oriented System3222Li Xiangyang
S0811032 Modern electronic production equipment 32 2 2 Qi Qifeng
S0811033 Basis of System identification and adaptive control 48 3 1 Xie Wei
S0811042 Brain-Computer Interfaces 32 2 1 Gu Zhenghui
S0811043 Biomedical signal processing and application 32 2 1 Yu Zhuliang
S0811044 Machine vision 32 2 1 Gao Hongxia
S0811045 Wireless sensor network principle and application 32 2 2 Zeng Ming
S0811046 Data acquisition and monitoring software system and application 32 2 2 Shi Buhai
S0811003 Common technology in automatic detection and instrumentation 32 2 2 Wang Jian
Z0004004 Career planning and quality training 32 2 2
Z0111034 Computer control system 32 2 2 Liu Fuchun
Z0111035 The optimal control 32 2 1 Chen Hui
Z0111036 Modern industrial engineering 32 2 2 Tian Senping
Z0811003 Database system and application 32 2 2 Zeng Ming
Z0811008 Database system and application 32 2 2 Hu Yueming
Z0811009 Estimation theory and signal detection 32 2 2 Li Yan
Z0811010 Discrete event systems 32 2 1 Luo Fei
Z0811011 Robust control 32 2 2 Li Shanbin
Z0811013 Digital image processing 48 3 1 Qi Qifeng
Z0811014 Intelligent signal processing 32 2 1 Mo Hongqiang
Z0811015 Stability theory II 32 2 1 Sun Zhendong
Z0811016 Identification system modeling and simulation 48 3 2 Deng Feiqi
Z0811018 Artificial intelligence technology 40 2 2 Wu Xinsheng
Z0811019 System engineering 48 3 1 Tian Senping
Z0811020 Modern digital signal processing theory and technology 40 2 1 Xiao Bin
Z0811022 Optimization methods 48 3 1 Yue Xishun
Z0811023 Adaptive neural network control 32 2 2 Wang Cong
Z0811024 Wavelet and multi-scale stochastic analysis 40 2 2 He Lin
Z0811026 Power electronic technology application practice 32 2 2 Wang Xiaohong
Z0811027 The networked control systems to practice 32 2 2 Chen Liding
Z0811033 Data processing and information fusion 32 2 2 Wen Xiaoqin